[kaffe] two OpenBSD patches

Kurt Miller truk at optonline.net
Mon Sep 12 19:28:52 PDT 2005

From: "Dalibor Topic" <robilad at kaffe.org>
> Kurt Miller wrote:
>> OpenBSD's pthreads support setting priorities, however they don't
>> behave like many applications expect. I believe the issue is that higher
>> priority threads can completly starve lower priority threads. Apps like
>> mozilla*, Sun's jdk, etc don't expect that and thus have been patched
>> to not set thread priorities on OpenBSD. The same issue applies to kaffe.
> hi Kurt,
> thank you for the patch. I've checked it in now, and I'm really sorry
> for the long delay.

No Worries. :-) Thanks for committing it. 

>> Also sys/resource.h needs sys/types.h and sys/time.h on OpenBSD,
>> actually *BSD if I believe the man pages.
> That one has been fixed meanwhile by another patch going in from
> Riccardo, I believe.
>> With the following patches the intrp engine passes all but 6 regress
>> tests on OpenBSD/i386:
>> FAIL: DoubleIEEE.java
>> FAIL: WaitTest.java
>> FAIL: Preempt.java
>> FAIL: ProcessTest.java *
>> FAIL: wc.java
>> FAIL: CatchDeath.java
>> * Sometimes passes
> cool. It could be nice to get an openbsd tinderbox up and running,
> that'd build CVS head once per day, for example. See
>  for
> details how to participate, if you have some spare cycles and cron time
> to burn.

I gave tinderclient a try, but I need to specifiy some configure args like
 --with-engine=intrp and --with-iconv-prefix=/usr/local. How do I get 
tinderclient to pass them along?

>> The jit engine fails more and needs work on OpenBSD.
> OK. It makes more sense to get intrp working first, and then to move
> onto the jitter.
> cheers,
> dalibor topic

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