[kaffe] how to porting kaffe to a ebedded linux?

Gianluca Moro giangiammy at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 26 23:50:31 PDT 2005

--- muzzi <muzzi at 163.com> wrote:

> thank you for you email:)
> your embedded cpu is amd Au1XXX series with mips core?
> the core with or without mmu?
> have you modified the kaffe's configurations files by hand?


I'm working on a AU1100, with MMU; from the datasheet:

The Au1100™ processor is a complete SOC based on the MIPS32™
instruction set.
Designed for maximum performance at very low power, the Au1100 runs up
to 500 MHz.
Power dissipation is less than 0.25 watt for the 400 MHz version.
Highly integrated with onchip
SDRAM, SRAM/Flash EPROM memory controllers, a LCD controller, 10/100
Controller, USB Host and Device, UARTs (3), and GPIOs (up to 48,24
dedicated). The
Au1100 processor runs a variety of operating systems, including
Windows® CE.NET, Linux
and VxWorks. Moreover, the integration of peripherals with the unique,
high performance,
MIPS-compatible core provides low system cost, small form factor, low
system power
requirement, simple designs at multiple performance points and thus,
short design cycles.

For the configuration it was not very direct:

I compiled kaffe on PC

# ./configure --with-engine=intrp --enable-pure-java-math --without-esd
--without-kaffe-x-awt --with-kaffe-nanox-awt

then I changed
uncommenting the line:

#MAYBE_PEERLESS_KAFFE_AWT = awt-implementations

and gave the make.

Then I copied

libraries/javalib/rt.jar on the AMD built tree of kaffe (same place)

and copied


on AMD /home/AMDgiammy/kaffe-1.1.5/kaffeawt.jar

Then I configure the AMD kaffe:

./configure --with-jikes=no --with-engine=intrp 
--enable-pure-java-math --without-esd --without-kaffe-x-awt

Removed from file kaffe-1.1.5/Makefile
the raw

 libraries/javalib \

and changed in the file
kaffe-1.1.6/libraries/Makefile the raw

SUBDIRS = clib javalib extensions
SUBDIRS = clib extensions

and finally started the make

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