[kaffe] kaffe awt and thread management

Gianluca Moro giangiammy at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 30 02:07:19 PDT 2005

I'm testing kaffe in MIPS platform with Nano-X: my test program
open a windows, but do not show anything in it (while the same
program on Pc show the inner objects)

Tracing the code, I see that the function
is calling the function vt.wait with parameter 250ms,
but it never returns.

>From what I understand, that function calls 
whose debugging message gives me
0x10276010 (0x102622f8) waiting for 0x102622f8, 0

It seems that here the parameter (250ms) became 0:
do I understand correctly?
And if so, why (and where) the 250 value was lost?
(kaffe is ocmpiled with unix-jthreads)


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