[kaffe] kaffe awt and thread management

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Fri Sep 30 03:13:25 PDT 2005

Gianluca Moro wrote:
> I'm testing kaffe in MIPS platform with Nano-X: my test program
> open a windows, but do not show anything in it (while the same
> program on Pc show the inner objects)
> Tracing the code, I see that the function
> kaffe-1.1.5/libraries/javalib/java/lang/VMThread.java:sleep() 
> is calling the function vt.wait with parameter 250ms,
> but it never returns.
>>From what I understand, that function calls 
> /kaffe-1.1.5/libraries/clib/native/Object.c:java_lang_VMObject_wait,
> whose debugging message gives me
> 0x10276010 (0x102622f8) waiting for 0x102622f8, 0
> It seems that here the parameter (250ms) became 0:
> do I understand correctly?
> And if so, why (and where) the 250 value was lost?
> (kaffe is ocmpiled with unix-jthreads)

Interesting. That might suggest there is a bug in the config/mips/*
implementation of the ABI, or in the JNI code.

You can try bulding Kaffe with libffi, which comes from gcc, and is in
general up to date with different ABI changes. If it's a bug in the JNI
code, you could look at fixing the compiler warnings in
kaffe/kaffevm/jni* directory.

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