[kaffe] Re: kaffe awt and thread management (and libffi)

Tom Tromey tromey at redhat.com
Fri Sep 30 08:57:47 PDT 2005

>>>>> "Gianluca" == Gianluca Moro <giangiammy at yahoo.com> writes:

>> You can try bulding Kaffe with libffi, which comes from gcc, and is

Gianluca> just looking, but it seems that libffi has not been ported to
Gianluca> mips architecture :-(

Hmm, actually MIPS is one of the oldest libffi ports.
I'm not sure where the libffi you're using comes from.  The one in
the gcc cvs repository is the most up-to-date.  Unfortunately libffi
hasn't had a separate release in a number of years.


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