[kaffe] cross-compiling for mips-linux

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Tue Apr 4 20:01:18 PDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-04-05 at 10:47 +0800, 王刚 wrote:

> With curiosity, I recheck the FAQ.awt, FAQ.cross-compiling and the
> configure-help's content, finding no "--without-x" option in these documents.
> Could you tell me why? 

Hi Benjamin,

That's an option provided by autoconf's macro to check for X11. Since
Kaffe's Xlib AWT is not built by default, you don't have to specify it.
> Another question is I thought I've use the --disable-native-awt option which means
> the native-awt, x-awt as default, will not be configured. But the fact seems that
> this option can't work well. Could you explain the reason to me??

The default AWT is the gtk+ implementation, which usually uses X11 on
most Linux-ish systems. It comes from an external project that's
integrated into Kaffe, to provide the class library, called GNU
Classpath. There is a bug in the configure script for 1.1.7 such that
--disable-native-awt does not disable the built of that integrated gtk+
based AWT implementation. That's why you need to explicitely turn it
off. That has been fixed in CVS head.

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