[kaffe] SOAP problem: Unable to retrieve PropertyDescriptor for property 'ID'

ktlam at cs.hku.hk ktlam at cs.hku.hk
Mon Apr 10 10:29:48 PDT 2006

Dear Dalibor, 

Besides the jsp compilation problem with Kjc when clicking the list/deploy 
button in Apache SOAP 2.3.1, I found another problem. 

$ java org.apache.soap.server.ServiceManagerClient  \
http://localhost:8070/soap/servlet/rpcrouter deploy DeploymentDescriptor.xml

Ouch, the call failed: 
  Fault Code   = SOAP-ENV:Client
  Fault String = Unable to retrieve PropertyDescriptor for property 'ID' of 
class 'class org.apache.soap.server.DeploymentDescriptor'.

I found that BeanSerializer.java's getWriteMethod throws this error.
I see another posting in http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/xml-soap-
user/200111.mbox/%3c3C01C3CF.4060504 at nbnet.nb.ca%3e mentioning JDK 1.3.1 has 
no such problem. So I think this is a Kaffe problem. 

Did you meet this problem before?

Thanks a lot, 
King Tin

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