[kaffe] status kaffe-1.1.8-pre: assertion failure in jit3 running Eclipse 3.2

Frederick C. Druseikis fredd at cse.sc.edu
Wed Aug 16 21:37:12 PDT 2006

Hi all,

Over the last couple of days I've successfully built Kaffe-1.1.8-pre 
(CVS head approx. Sunday, Aug 13) on i386 OpenBSD-4.0 beta.  It runs my 
favorite trivial examples.

When I try to run Eclipse-3.2 (compiled with JDK 1.5.0) 
underKaffe-1.1.8, I get the following assertion error.

assertion reinvoke == false failed: file 
/,,,/kaffe-1.1.8/kaffe/kaffevm/jit3/machine.c, line 306, function translate

(The $KAFFEHOME/bin/kaffe command is being used to run Eclipse; resource 
limits are not an issue; and the Eclipse-3.2 build being used is known 
to run under Sun's JDK 1.5.0)

If you're familiar with Eclipse, we're well into the Eclipse startup by 
this time; the user has ok'ed or selected the workspace; we've not yet 
gotten to putting up the progress bar for plugin loading.  When the end 
comes the eclipse starter shows it's dialog box with the invocation 
parameters.  Here's the last several lines of -versbosejit output:

[snip about 5500+ lines of -verbose jit output]

time 0ms (686ms) @ 0x3c77a9e0 (0x3e9afa48)>
<JIT: org/eclipse/ui/internal/WorkbenchConfigurer.<init>()V time 0ms 
(686ms) @ 0x3c77aac0 (0x3f6687ec)>
time 0ms (686ms) @ 0x3c77aba0 (0x3e843068)>
time 0ms (686ms) @ 0x3f79cbe0 (0x3e7cd0c4)>
<JIT: org/eclipse/ui/internal/WorkbenchConfigurer.setSaveAndRestore(Z)V 
time 0ms (686ms) @ 0x3d9814c8 (0x3f668a14)>
<JIT: org/eclipse/ui/internal/ide/IDEExceptionHandler.<clinit>()V time 
0ms (686ms) @ 0x3f79d030 (0x3f2ffbc8)>
time 1ms (687ms) @ 0x3c77ae40 (0x3f2ffc24)>
<JIT: org/eclipse/swt/widgets/Shell.<init>()V time 0ms (687ms) @ 
0x3f6f7550 (0x3e13800c)>
time 0ms (687ms) @ 0x3f6f74b0 (0x3e1380c4)>
<JIT: org/eclipse/swt/internal/gtk/OS.gtk_window_resize(III)V time 0ms 
(687ms) @ 0x3f79d220 (0x3d22ab98)>

I guess the question of the moment is what's so special about 
gtk_window_resize() ? (assuming of course that we've gotten all the 
tracing out.)

I can easily try some different tracing options or patches, but I'm 
clueless as to suggesting either at this point.


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