[kaffe] Problem with kaffe for m68k platform

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Sun Jan 8 17:12:53 PST 2006

daniel at fh-konstanz.de wrote:
> Hello!
> I m a newbie! 

Hi Daniel,

> After these modofications, i have build an eCos library and compiled and linked
> kaffe-1.0.7 against this eCos library.

The modifications sound fine to me.

Your cross compilation line looks weird, though:

sh configure --with-engine=intrp
--host=i386-ecos --build=i686-cygwin --with-staticlib --with-staticbin
--with-staticvm --without-x

... I would expect to see m68k-ecos in there, rather than i386-ecos. I

> When executing the kaffe-bin, an error occurs during debugging the
> "baseClasses.c" in the function "initThreads()" with following message:
> Internal Error: Check your Classpath and your installation.
> NegativeArraySizeException at ThreadGroup.java
>  i have tried to find out the reason for this error, but without success.
> The error occurs, when kaffe want to execute the Java Method "add" from the
> JavaClass "ThreadGroup.java". 
> During processing the "add" method, I have seen, that there is a wrong value in
> the structure "sp -> taddr" (wrong value is 0xf) , right value is something
> with "0xce...). during executing of the runVirtualMachine-function.

OK. Chances are you've ran into a bug somewhere. Check out the gdb 
manual. gdb should allow you to set watchpoints on addresses, so that 
you can see who writes the erraneous value into the structure.

Another option is to look through whatever compiler warnings the 
compiler for your target gives you, as they may point to bugs.

You could also look at adding -vmdebug options to your ecos_argv array 
to trace execution, exception lookup or add garbage collection checks, 
for example.

> Does anybody suited kaffe for "eCos" using an Coldfire hardware platform with
> success?

I guess you are the first one porting to m68k-ecos. I am sorry to hear 
that you are running into so much trouble. ;(

> When you have had succeeded, can you describe the important steps, you have made
> in the eCos configuration and for kaffe? Or is it possible to send me the ecos
> configuration file and kaffe parts, which were adapted?

I would suggest asking on the mailing list of the Kaffe/eCos project on 
sourceforge, since there is no eCos port merged in into the Kaffe.org 
version yet. :(

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