[kaffe] Problem with kaffe for m68k platform

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Mon Jan 9 01:22:01 PST 2006

Dalibor wrote:
>gdb should allow you to set watchpoints on addresses, so that 
>you can see who writes the erraneous value into the structure.

Based on my experience, (at least for m68k) watchpoint is not easy to
use. This reduced the performance in 1:100 order, and gdb can not
detect properly for the memory access. So I gave up to use watchpoint
on this architecture. I am interested whether it is ok for other
architecture or not.

>I guess you are the first one porting to m68k-ecos. I am sorry to hear 
>that you are running into so much trouble. ;(

The 'ecos' port done by Simby has not been merged, and Coldfire port
(or actually, it is Dragonball port, if I remember correctly)
done by Transvirtual has not been merged. So this combination is new
CPU with new OS, much worse than just trying new OS ;-)

BTW, uClinux should be another new OS for Kaffe, based on my understanding,
am I right? (Of course I know uClinux is very very close to the original
linux, but again 'slight' difference introduces many fancy thing to debug)


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