[kaffe] jthreads problem

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Thu Jan 12 13:14:26 PST 2006

Hi Ioannis,

I am writing to you to say that I am really considering your problem. 
Actually the VM does look into a strange state where it eats all the CPU 
without going further anymore (though I am not sure yet at the moment I 
have to analyze the dynamic of what it is doing). I am experiencing the 
problem on both pthreads and jthreads. I will try to fix this asap. Give 
me something like one week to know what happens. I am really sorry to 
have missed your previous meesage in december but sometimes I parse the 
ML quite quickly.

I keep you informed.



Ioannis Liverezas wrote:
> Hi,
> In my previous post
> (http://www.kaffe.org/pipermail/kaffe/2005-December/103736.html), while
> working with an arm processor based system, I have found a bug in the
> threads system of kaffe-1.1.6. The bug exists in the combined use of
> Thread.interrupt() and Thread.sleep(). The bug also exists and is worse
> in the x86 architecture.
> After having tried the test many times in both architectures, (and with
> various VMs also), the results are:
> --- the x86 architecture demonstrates the problem very fast in about
> less than a minute.
> --- ARM based systems also fail to pass the test, but it may take from 5
> minutes to one day to hang.
> In my previous post I have also included the source code of my test.
> Yesterday, 9/1/2006, while trying the cvs version on x86, after running the same test 
> for half an hour, I took the following error:
> Thread: Time1000 :sync :1 Alive:09/01/2006, 18:48:06.567
> Test started at 09/01/2006, 18:14:26.086
> kaffe-bin: jthread.c:2452: jmutex_unlock: Assertion `tid->status != 1' failed.
> Aborted. 
> The two first lines are printouts from my test program. In previous versions of kaffe, 1.1.6 or cvs, the test would hang with all threads sleeping.
> - iliverez
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