[kaffe] jthreads problem

Ioannis Liverezas iliverez at inaccessnetworks.com
Tue Jan 10 02:43:53 PST 2006


In my previous post
(http://www.kaffe.org/pipermail/kaffe/2005-December/103736.html), while
working with an arm processor based system, I have found a bug in the
threads system of kaffe-1.1.6. The bug exists in the combined use of
Thread.interrupt() and Thread.sleep(). The bug also exists and is worse
in the x86 architecture.

After having tried the test many times in both architectures, (and with
various VMs also), the results are:
--- the x86 architecture demonstrates the problem very fast in about
less than a minute.
--- ARM based systems also fail to pass the test, but it may take from 5
minutes to one day to hang.

In my previous post I have also included the source code of my test.

Yesterday, 9/1/2006, while trying the cvs version on x86, after running the same test 
for half an hour, I took the following error:

Thread: Time1000 :sync :1 Alive:09/01/2006, 18:48:06.567
Test started at 09/01/2006, 18:14:26.086
kaffe-bin: jthread.c:2452: jmutex_unlock: Assertion `tid->status != 1' failed.

The two first lines are printouts from my test program. In previous versions of kaffe, 1.1.6 or cvs, the test would hang with all threads sleeping.

- iliverez

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