[kaffe] Win CE port

Philippe Laporte philippe.laporte at gatespacetelematics.com
Thu Jan 19 02:31:43 PST 2006

     Thanks for your answer.

I'm usually a Unix guy wondering around the embedded Windows world.

Dalibor Topic wrote:

> Philippe Laporte wrote:
>> Hi,
>>    Has anyone got some WinCE porting experiences to share?
> Salut Philippe, Hallo Rainer,
> Personally, I've got Kaffe's CVS HEAD from a few weeks ago to build 
> and run under Cygwin, though I had some problems in the interpreter 
> when I worked on it a few weeks ago. See FAQ.Win32 in CVS head for 
> details how to configure it and to get it build.

Why does cygwin say they don't work on CE? Is there a branch soomewhere?

Is there a bigger picture than POSIX/ANSI C dependencies being layered 
on CE vs Win 32?

>> The link at http://www.rainer-keuchel.de/wince/kaffe.html, I'm not 
>> sure how good it is. CElib does not appear to be supported much...
> I've CC:ed Rainer, he may be able to say more about its current status.
>> What library did you use to achieve POSIX compatibility? What toolchain?
> I've loooked around on the web a bit, and there is a pocketgcc 
> toolchain that uses newlib in Debian. [1] It's fro arm-wince-pe, 
> though, so you'd have to find another one if you have a MIPS or SuperH 
> device.

Can you give the link, please?

Any other links to start with? I wouldn't imagine this to be so 
mysterious, or?

Thanks a lot,

Philippe Laporte

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