[kaffe] 1.1.7-rc1

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Mon Jan 30 18:26:45 PST 2006

On Fri, 2006-01-20 at 09:36 +0900, Kiyo Inaba wrote:
> Hi Dalibor,
> >Instead of declaring manually ac_cv_file__proc_self_maps ourselves
> >for different platforms in config.frag, I'd propose the following solution:
> ...
> >I'll post a patch once I have it working for me :)
> Of course if we can make more sofisticate solutions for that, I am
> very happy. I'm looking forward about that.

Hi Kiyo,

I've got around to build me a cross-compiler toolchain again, and I've
checked in the patch now.

> Dan Kegel's crosstools description should be helpful for people who
> are not so familiar with cross compiling. By the way, have you tried
> to use these tools? As far as I am concerned, I prefer to build them
> from scratch... Of course, for netbsd, I use cross compilation tools
> supplied as default. I think this is another good reason why netbsd is
> THE os for software developers ;-)

NetBSD's cross-compiler support is great. I'm using a crosstools built
gcc for i686-linux atm, which is fun, as it lets me run my
cross-compiled kaffe binaries on my box using make check. ;)

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