[kaffe] Kaffe on ppc (Slackintosh Linux 2.6.x)

gioco giocolinux at yahoo.it
Thu Jun 29 09:34:09 PDT 2006

Thank you for the report.
I think that kaffe on Linux ppc would be a good thing, because Sun's VM 
is not avaible. I'm coding some Swing applications and I would like to 
run them on Linux ppc, too. Is there a way to do this?
I like gcj, but it lacks on Swing support.
I'm also interested in SWT, and I'm thinking about a migration from 
Swing to SWT, but it could be a really long work.

Mike Drozdick wrote:
> I feel your pain.
> I had similar problems with a simple HelloWorld program:
> - Compiled & run on CentOS 4.3 Linux
> 	Runs OK.
> - Compiled and run on Fedora Core 5 (tried 32 and 64 bit OS)
> 	Segmentation Fault
> - Cross-Compiled under Fedora 5 Linux for ARM target
> 	Segmentation fault when run on target
> Note: Similar problem building native AND cross-compiling!
> I spent a little time investigating with GDB.
> I think the problem has to do with Threads.
> The SegFault occurs in gc_small_block().
> The stack trace leading to the SegFault is:
> JNI_CreateJavaVM
>   initialiseKaffe
>     initNativeThreads
>       trace in here and it's easy to see where it SegFaults
> I tried rebuilding and running with internal Kaffe threads.
> Same result -- SegFault.
> Looking at the code, nothing obvious jumped out at me.
> I tried many MANY configure permutations (e.g. --with-engine=intrp).
> I also tried MANY older releases of Kaffe.
> Same result.
> It worked fine with my CentOS (e.g. RedHat) setup, so...
> I think there is probably something very simple in the
> Linux environment that will make Kaffe work.
> Unfortunately, I couldn't find what it is, nor could I
> get the answer anywhere I looked.
> I read the claims that Kaffe has been deployed successfully
> in many environments.
> I was looking for something that would just work, without my having
> to learn ever piece of code in the package.
> I spent 12 days wrestling with Kaffe, with no useful results.
> I think Kaffe lacks the critical mass of maturity and support
> to make if viable for anything beyond a hobby-project.
> (Look at the huge time between release dates...)
> Would still like to hear the solution, if anyone finds it.
> In the meantime, I'm moving on to:
>   JamVM (very current, frequent releases, well documented)
>   or gcj (like a rock, used in Linksys router).
> -Mike


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