[kaffe] JVM fotr Philips/Zilog processors

Romenique Zedeck r_zedeck at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 28 12:41:40 PDT 2006


My name s Romenique Zedeck and I'd like to know if Kaffe Virtual Machine can 
be used in Z80(Zilog processor) or anyone of Philips. In this case, which 
model? I coudn't find this information on your web site 
(http://www.kaffe.org/). I need to find a processor which has a Java Virtual 
Machine developed to build a project im my college (SENAI - 
http://www.sp.senai.br/mecatronica/) , and would be great if I could use the 
Zilog's or Phillips' one.

Best Regards

Romenique Zedeck

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