[kaffe] Kaffe porting on MIPS

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Sat Sep 2 06:02:10 PDT 2006

On Sat, 2006-09-02 at 12:40 +0530, NaveenYadav wrote:
> Hi ,
> Thanks I am able to port Basic kaffe on MIPS Target, and able to run Hello
> World program,


> How can i attach Graphic to kaffe , We are using EDGE Graphics Library.
> SO i could not able to found any document how to add Graphics Support..

Graphics support is done through the class library. If you need Swing
support, you need to use GNU Classpath's peers, otherwise you can use
Kaffe's peerless AWT.

If you, say, want to make GNU Classpath's AWT support EDGE, you have
several choices:

a) Find an AWT peer implementation for it and plug it into Kaffe (for
example EDGE + SDL for EDGE (I don't know if it exists at all) + JSDL +
b) Write your own AWT peers from scratch
c) Port one of the existing AWT peer backends (like gtk+) to EDGE

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