[kaffe] porting cross compiled kaffe to other plattform?

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Thu Sep 14 06:38:06 PDT 2006

thuanpv wrote:

>I'm wondering the way to port kaffe to a development KIT (ARM/Linux for
Hi thuanpv,

>I cross compiled kaffe successfully for ARM chip (with build system is
>i686/Linux and host system is ARM/Linux) and now i want to port this to
>AT9200 kit (with ARM CPU and Linux OS). After cross compiling, i have a lot
>of files, what should i do to port these file to AT9200 KIT and run kaffe on
>1. Can i port all file to KIT? if yes, what should i do?
Could you explain what a KIT is? It looks like an acronym, but I'm not 
sure. AT9200 is an Atmel
ARM7, right?

>2. Do i have to make an unique file (.BIN for example because when my
>friends port Linux OS to AT9200, they have to make only one file .BIN, after
>that loading this file to KIT)
Could you explain what a .BIN file is? I assume it's some kind of binary 
archive? Like a .tar file?

>I have read some topic and also documentation about porting kaffe to other
>plattform on www.kaffe.org but this document only guide to way to modify
>some element on kaffe code, not the way to port an cross compiled kaffe
>distribution to other plattform.
I'm not quite sure what porting means in the context of your 
requirements. Do you mean how to
create a binary that works on all arm CPUs with linux? Or are you trying 
to port Kaffe to a specific
Atmel ARM core and want to make modifications to support it?

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