[kaffe] configure command with '-C' option

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Mon Apr 2 05:51:25 PDT 2007

Kiyo Inaba wrote:

>For the last several monthes, kaffe configure command can not handle
>'-C' option (to enable using cache for configure) properly. In this
>weekend, I finally found some extra time to trace back why it happens.
>After checking with several old snapshots, and seeing CVS repository,
>I noticed version 1.236 of configure.ac (committed 2006/7/15 by
>Dalibor) introduced this problem.
>The sympton on this new configure is, if we set -C option to configure,
>it tries to pass CFLAGS with its internally generated KAFFE_CFLAGS
>with original CFLAGS, but configure itself checkes whether CFLAGS
>option passed as an argument to configure command and if it does not
>match with CFLAGS stored in config.cache, then error message is
>reported (and exit the configuration).
>To regenerate this, simply create a directory and configure with -C,
>configure command will report when going down to configure in boehm gc
>with the error message saying 'error: `CFLAGS' has changed since the
>previous run:'.
>If I revert the mod committed to the configure.ac (and corresponding
>configure), the configure with '-C' option becomes to work.
>On the other hand, the commit comment said this mod is needed to
>pass KAFFE_CFLAGS options to 'sub-configure invocation'. If this
>comment is true, simply revert the change is not the right way to
>fix this problem.
>Any idea?
>This '-C' option for configure is very useful for slooooow machines
>like Mac-IIci, for kaffe's regression test.

Hi Kiyo,

I think the best way forward there is to remove the external libraries 
from the Kaffe tree,
so that we no longer need to have a separate KAFFE_CFLAGS and a CFLAGS 
since we'd no longer have sub-configures to invoke. That would allow 
simplifying the configure
script further, among other things.

Would cross-compiling classpath first, and then kaffe on top of the 
cross-compiled classpath build
work for you? I think that's how it works for JamVM & Cacao, and it 
seems to work well, judging
by how far in terms of platform support they've come.

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