[kaffe] configure command with '-C' option

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Mon Apr 2 09:06:13 PDT 2007

Hi Dalibor,

>I think the best way forward there is to remove the external libraries
>from the Kaffe tree,
>so that we no longer need to have a separate KAFFE_CFLAGS and a CFLAGS
>since we'd no longer have sub-configures to invoke. That would allow
>simplifying the configure
>script further, among other things.

Simplification of configure is good news for me. I first misunderstood
the purpose of KAFFE_CFLAGS. The current configure to support gcc-4
becomes much harder than what novice can understand.

But right now, there are four sub-configure in 'kaffe/kaffevm
/boehm-gc/boehm', 'external/gcc/fastjar', 'libltdl' and 'libraries
/javalib/external/classpath', and do you mean this KAFFE_CFLAGS
trick is just needed for classpath?

>Would cross-compiling classpath first, and then kaffe on top of the
>cross-compiled classpath build
>work for you? I think that's how it works for JamVM & Cacao, and it
>seems to work well, judging
>by how far in terms of platform support they've come.

It is something what Jim said as 'staying small' or smaller approach.
Theoretically, if entire build can be made with cross compiling, just
making sub part of the entire build can also be made. Of course I've
not yet tested. But (if I understand correctly), cross-compilation
should not be the issue, but just 'separate compilation' should be
the matter you want mention, am I right?

Anyway, I try to separate classpath build from the entire kaffe
build, and let you know when finish.

By the way, I personally prefer current approach of 'simply type
configure once, make once, and make check (to see whether kaffe
still works)'...
# Of course, if it does not introduce any further headache ;-)


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