[kaffe] configure command with '-C' option

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Tue Apr 3 05:56:20 PDT 2007

Kiyo Inaba wrote:

Hi Kiyo,

 > But right now, there are four sub-configure in 'kaffe/kaffevm
 > /boehm-gc/boehm', 'external/gcc/fastjar', 'libltdl' and 'libraries
 > /javalib/external/classpath', and do you mean this KAFFE_CFLAGS
 > trick is just needed for classpath?
I believe that was the case back then, yeah.

There is also the external/gcc/zlib code, that should be removed, and we 
could slash gjdoc,
and other merged in code as well.

 >> Would cross-compiling classpath first, and then kaffe on top of the
 >> cross-compiled classpath build
 >> work for you? I think that's how it works for JamVM & Cacao, and it
 >> seems to work well, judging
 >> by how far in terms of platform support they've come.
 > It is something what Jim said as 'staying small' or smaller approach.
 > Theoretically, if entire build can be made with cross compiling, just
 > making sub part of the entire build can also be made. Of course I've
 > not yet tested. But (if I understand correctly), cross-compilation
 > should not be the issue, but just 'separate compilation' should be
 > the matter you want mention, am I right?
Yeah, basically we'd move away from building everything at once (and 
having to merge
all the external code in continuously, and deal with it in our build 
system), to a model where
cross-compiling kaffe is a sequence of separate compilations to be 
performed in a specific order
(which is what our current build system does, implicitely).

 > Anyway, I try to separate classpath build from the entire kaffe
 > build, and let you know when finish.
Great, thank you!

 > By the way, I personally prefer current approach of 'simply type
 > configure once, make once, and make check (to see whether kaffe
 > still works)'...
 > # Of course, if it does not introduce any further headache ;-)
I think the split approach has its advantages as well: it reduces the 
turn-around times for
VM builds, as you'd only need to rebuild the VM, rather than the VM + 
class library.

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