[kaffe] Re: kaffe 1.1.8

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Thu Aug 2 00:05:39 PDT 2007

Yesterday, I committed my fixes to make kaffe work for arm/linux
with 'jit3' engine. As I mailed previously (see
the spill code should have some bugs for this architecture, I
re-define arm's register configuration NOT to have any global
registers. Of course, without having enough registers, the
performance may decrease, but I believe it is much better to
have (slow but) workable version than non workable version ;-)

Maybe, this should be the last contribution I can do for kaffe
1.1.8 release, and I would like to summarize current status of
each TODO's for this release. If I misunderstand the status,
please update.

Especially, any active improvement for awt/xawt portion?

D] Either fix the serialization bugs leading to the two failing
regression tests, or mark them as XFAILs, and file bugs for it in GNU
Classpath's tracker, adding the failing tests to Mauve
   -> 2007-June/104957.html
   The XFAIL part is now done.

D] Merge in the dropped arm jit patch
   -> 2007-May/104919.html (jit)
   One remaining issue is 'md.h' needs macro '__KERNEL__' to be defined
   for Linux newer than 2.6.9. How can we go for this?
   Except for this issue, jit works fine on QEMU.
   -> 2007-May/104933.html
   Frederic reported 'illegal instructions'. I guess this is because
   some arm ports does not have FPU nor FPU emulation. We may have to
   write some FAQ titled 'You said ARM, but there are a lot of variants' ;-<
   -> 2007-July/105026.html (jit3)
   Kiyo tested cvs version with QEMU and jit/jit3 works.

D] Merge in the dropped cygwin patch
   -> 2007-June/104983.html
   Classpath has been made on cygwin, still doing kaffe itself.

D] Merge in the interix port
   -> 2007-June/104957.html
   Still todo.

D] Remove the merged in fastjar and zlib and just use the jar tool on the
   -> 2007-June/104957.html

D] Remove the merged in GNU Classpath and just use an existing installation
   -> 2007-June/104975.html
   Dalibor committed separately built classpath to be used.
   Also, we decided to stay with Classpath 0.93 for 1.1.8.

R] "fix it at best" of classpath so that swing/gtk peer runs

R] a check that interprerter and jits are compiling and working on most
 of "our" platforms
   *** We have to update 'Platform Matrix' of relnotes. ***

R] the fixes with our xawt if we still have time.

K] Make arm/netbsd port work (only with intrp engine)
   -> 2007-April/104905.html

D] Merge in tbfg's m68k patch. Kiyo, could you take a look at it?
   -> 2007-June/104961.html
   Partially committed, the rest should be merged after the 1.1.8
   release. (To make coexistence with m68k, install uClinux for me)



P.S. By the way, the spill code fix is a good candidate for my
     summer of code :-) The other candidate is of course, study
     uClinux for coldfire (or ARM) port.

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