[kaffe] Kaffe AWT porting issue

Yifan Chen yifan_chen at gemtek.com.tw
Tue Nov 6 00:02:14 PST 2007


I've spent times porting Kaffe AWT on my board but still have no luck.

My host system is sh4-linux. I have DirectFB as my windowing system, and GTK+ on top of DirectFB.

I've tried some versions of Kaffe but none of them worked. Originally I would like to port kaffe-1.1.7 since I thought I could have GTK+ as the AWT backend. It failed bacause Xlibs are still required for the port. Then I turned to kawt, the DirectFB backend for kaffe AWT. Of course kawt won't work on kaffe-1.1.7 since it has been a long time after its last update. So I tried kaffe-1.1.4, which should be the last working version for kawt according to the mail list. And kaffe-1.1.2, the version on which kawt was developed. Then I found out that both versions don't support my host system.

Is there other way to port Kaffe AWT to my platform? Or any suggestion? 

Please advise.

Yifan Chen
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