[kaffe] kaffe 1.1.9 plans

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Sat Sep 22 12:59:40 PDT 2007

Hi all,

now that 1.1.8 is out, I wondered what people are planning on to do for
1.1.9. I've got a couple of things on my list, please reply if there is
something else you're working on, or if there is something you're
interested in tackling.

We've got the migration classpath 0.95 ahead. I'd like to take that
opportunity to switch to using the system installation of gnu classpath,
and remove the source code for it from Kaffe, slimming down our tarball
& configure times.

I'd also like to take another look at the various static build options,
and thin out the redundant ones.

I'd love to see the skyos port merged in for the next release.

There are few other things I'm thinking of, like looking at the gcj
bindings again, and checking if we could switch over to use boehm-gc as
the default gc on the platforms that support it, as well as switching
over to classpath's javah and removing kaffeh, and starting to use glib
for data structures, portability wrappers, and all the fun stuff that's
currently clogging our configure script.

The next release is tentatively scheduled for November 4th.

dalibor topic

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