[kaffe] kaffe 1.1.9 plans

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Sat Sep 22 22:59:57 PDT 2007


>now that 1.1.8 is out, I wondered what people are planning on to do for
>1.1.9. I've got a couple of things on my list, please reply if there is
>something else you're working on, or if there is something you're
>interested in tackling.

I have several things on my list.
But, since 1.1.9 is to use ECJ for compiling class libraries, I will
concentrate on making self build works as many platforms as possible.
At least, I'd like to make it work on {m68k,arm}/{linux,netbsd} without
using cross build environment.

Except for that, I may spend some time on
1) Fix Bug #99 (Segmentation fault in ARM11, I got ARM11 board finally)
2) Fix arm jit3 not to have dirty patch I submitted.
3) Make softfloat version of arm jit.
    It is the MUST, if I want to support jit for arm/netbsd.
4) Make jit4 back ;-)
    When I don't have any other thing, I am spending time for this
    for the last several months ;-<

>We've got the migration classpath 0.95 ahead. I'd like to take that
>opportunity to switch to using the system installation of gnu classpath,
>and remove the source code for it from Kaffe, slimming down our tarball
>& configure times.

BTW, it may fix Bug #95, since this bug is caused by extra CFLAGS passed
to external configuration.

>I'd also like to take another look at the various static build options,
>and thin out the redundant ones.

Yes, please!

>I'd love to see the skyos port merged in for the next release.

One more interesting project is (as someone mentioned earlier), port
kaffe to minix (as usual, I do not say i386/minix only).

>The next release is tentatively scheduled for November 4th.

For the next two (or three) monthes, I may have several business
trip to US or Europe, and I may (or may not) have extra time to
tackle the code :-)


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