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Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Mon Sep 24 07:28:48 PDT 2007

Yavor Georgiev wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am new to kaffe, so excuse me if my question is too simple or already 
> had been answered. I tried to search a similar problem in the 
> mail-archives, but found nothing.

Hi Yavor,

> I want a very basic support with no gui or sound support for 
> sure, so I tried to remove everything that seemed unneeded. In result my 
> configure flags are:
> $ ./../kaffe-1.1.8/configure --without-alsa --without-x --without-esd 
> --disable-sound --disable-xawt-xi18n --disable-gtk-peer 
> --disable-native-awt --disable-gconf-peer --with-engine=intrp 
> --host=i386-cygwin32 --build=i386-cygwin32


I think you currently need to disable the building of shared libraries 
in order to get a working build without all the linkage problems.

I've used GNU Classpath CVS head in my build on Cygwin, where I've added 
the neccessary patches to build on Cygwin a while ago, so if you want to 
go that route, you'll need to build classpath's CVS head first, and then 
build kaffe with the freshly built classpath as its class library. I've 
also used the javac from Sun's JDK 1.6, as ecj is not available in 
Cygwin yet, and Classpath's CVS head requires a Java 1.5 capable compiler.

I'll update the FAQ in CVS reflect that.

> First I had several problems with IPV6 support 
> functions/structures, it seems that flag USE_IPV6 
> were not set when compiling some part of the source, but was needed to include needed structures/functions from header files. 
> I fixed this easily by adding some ifdefs in the source, since I did not 
> care about IPV6 support.

Yeah, I've committed a fix for that in classpath's CVS head.

> Current problem I have that I cannot resolve almost two days now is as 
> follows. During linking of libkaffevm I get the following errors:
> Please advise what might be causing the problem.

DLLs on windows are a bit harder to get right than .so-s on Linux. No 
one has done the work yet to be able to build Kaffe as a set of DLLs on 
Windows, so you'd need to make a static build as done in the FAQ. If you 
make the DLL build work out, I'd love to merge in the patches (or in 
general, other patches you come up with).

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