[kaffe] kaffe compilation under cygwin

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Fri Sep 28 03:16:08 PDT 2007

Yavor Georgiev wrote:
> Hi Dalibor,
> Thanks a lot for the help. Adding flags for building static libraries
> did the job.
>  Btw I am compiling GNU Classpath library using latest version of
> jikes, or at least this what the configure script chose to use :).
> There were no compilation problems, but after I ran "make check", I
> got a tremendous rate of succeeded tests 5 of 150. So I guess I will
> have to take your patches from the CVS.

Could you cvs update, and take another look at the FAQ/FAQ/win32
document? I've done another build last night, and updated Classpath's
CVS head again, and updated the documentation accordingly.

I'm getting 139 passes out of 150 with intrp & pthreads &
system-classpath, let's try to get you there too.

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