[kaffe] ARM Cross-Compile using GNU EABI

Leandro Galvez galvez.andy at cassis-intl.com
Sun Feb 10 17:29:12 PST 2008


    Sorry for being so ignorant here.  I already have all the required 
libraries. I was already able to complete building and installing the native 
build of kaffe for a number of times. This things only happen when 
cross-compiling to arm.

Thanks and best regards,
Leandro Galvez

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> Leandro Galvez wrote:
>> Hi again,
>>    Tried using Kaffe from CVS today, but this time I was not even able to 
>> complete configuration stage.  It game me the error below:
>> checking for ltdl.h... no
>> configure: error: Can't find the ltdl.h header file from the libltdl 
>> library
> The required libraries on CVS head have changed. See 
> FAQ/FAQ.requiredlibraries for the current list (zziplib, libltdl, 
> classpath, etc.).
> Make sure you've cross compiled the required libraries first, and then 
> pass them on to kaffe using --with-includes and --with-libs.
> cheers,
> dalibor topic

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