[kaffe] ARM Cross-Compile using GNU EABI

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Mon Feb 11 06:22:21 PST 2008

Leandro Galvez wrote:
> Hi,
>    Sorry for being so ignorant here.  I already have all the required 
> libraries. I was already able to complete building and installing the 
> native build of kaffe for a number of times. This things only happen 
> when cross-compiling to arm.

No worries, cross-compilation is always a bit harder than native builds. 
:) As I said in the previous post, you will need to cross-compile the 
libraries used by kaffe first,
like libltdl (which is part of the GNU libtool project), to install them 
somewhere on the machine you cross compile kaffe on, and then to tell 
kaffe's configure script
where you installed the header files, and the shared libraries for the 
libraries it needs, so that it can find and use them.


for each kaffe dependency {
  cross compile the dependency and install it somewhere using 
then tell kaffe's configure script where you installed them all using 
--with-includes and --with-libs.

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