[kaffe] ARM Cross-Compile using GNU EABI

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Mon Feb 18 19:00:06 PST 2008

Leandro Galvez wrote:
> Hi,
> Tried compiling with --with-engine=intrp, option still cannot make it 
> run. Still the same bus error message. Can't I just borrow anybody 
> else's cross compiled kaffe and copy to my arm development board? Does 
> anybody have the a complete procedure (with command lines) for cross 
> compiling kaffe and dependent libraries and be able to make it run 
> properly on ARM development board? JUst would like to make it run even 
> simple applications. My device is ARM920T and my toolkit is GNU ARM 
> EABI. So desperate been trying this for weeks now. My host machine 
> cannot emulate my ARM target maybe because I have separate images for 
> u-boot and linux kernel. It's saying it's unable to load compressed 
> u-boot images when I pass uImage file as kernel image. Please help.

I've got a debian-armel-eabi qemu image at 
http://www.kaffe.org/~robilad/qemu/ (root pass: debian, user test: pas 
test) that I use to hack on Kaffe on armel-eabi-linux, you could try 
building Kaffe 'natively' on it, and pushing the installed kaffe over to 
your target device. I have no idea whether it would work, though. It 
works well enough for me to be able to pass most tests using the 
interpreter, though.

I plan to take another look at the cross-compilation FAQ for kaffe 

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