[kaffe] make error while reconfiguring kaffe

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Thu Jan 17 06:22:03 PST 2008

sreejith k s schrieb:
> hi,
>  Since last week i am trying install kaffe and not yet done successfully.
I'm sorry to hear that.
> I am new to this software and trying to work with it .
> Could you tell me the best way to install it .As i have toldyou before 
> ,I am using ubuntu 7.1 and wanted to install kaffe 1.1.7 version .
> I came to know that it has some problem with gcc4 so wanted to 
> configure kaffe using gcc 3 ,with intrp engine and enable debug.
What I usually do during development, is to create a directory for each 
configuration I want to build kaffe with, and then to call
configure from them a la

../kaffe/configure --some --flags

then run make, and make install as super user, if I'm installing it as 
super user. That means I never have to reconfigure a build
directory for another configuration, I just create another build 
directory at the top level, and start another build.

More information on using configure is available in the file INSTALL.

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