[kaffe] Installation/ Compilation Problem

C.P.Bridges at surrey.ac.uk C.P.Bridges at surrey.ac.uk
Thu Jun 4 13:54:27 PDT 2009

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to install or compile Kaffe for use on an FPGA based LEON3
processor which is a SPARC V8 architecture. I can compile on the bare
bone using sparc-elf-gcc or g++ but also with sparc-rtems-gcc or cpp. I
am using Cygwin.

I am trying to figure out which arguments I need to pass to the
./configure setting. So far, I think I need to change the CC and CXX
compilers but I also need to add the libs and includes too (I have those

A few problems: 
1) the above compilers are in my $PATH but are not found.
2) I have problems with pthreads or libpthreads (which I have in the
sparc-elf issues). Can these be replaced/ added?

I don't think I should use: CC='gcc mno-cygwin' but the sparc compilers

Hope you can help :)

Kind Regards, Chris

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