Kaffe and JDK 1.1

Tim Wilkinson tim at kaffe.org
Mon Apr 7 13:41:44 PDT 1997


The second most popular question I get asked about Kaffe is "When will you
move to JDK 1.1 ?"  I thought I'd better let people know.  I am currently 
attempting to stablise the 0.8.x version of Kaffe to be as bug free as
possible.  The idea will then be to move to JDK for Kaffe 0.9.0 onwards,
leaving a stable reference platform for JDK 1.0.2 for those people who don't
want to move yet.

I'd like to get 0.8.x sorted out by the end of the month, and 0.9.0 released
shortly afterwards so people can get to grips with it ASAP.

Just so you know


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