Locked in the clean-room

Tim Wilkinson tim at kaffe.org
Sun Apr 13 14:25:23 PDT 1997

Does anyone have any legal advice or experience of operating and 
developing software in a clean-room?  I ask because there have been a 
number of instances lately where people want to donate code to Kaffe 
but they have already signed the Sun source license, usually for JDK 1.0.2
though not for JDK 1.1.

Given the unofficial rules of the project at the moment, I cannot accept this
code without good advice to the contrary ... so I'm looking for good advice.
Perhaps, for example, it'd be possible for someone to rewrite the JDK 1.1 
JNI system if they've never seens the JDK 1.1 sources but have seen the 
JDK 1.0.2?  Seems like rather thin ice to be walking on unless I know this
is okay.

All help and info welcome.


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