Locked in the clean-room

Anders Magnusson ragge at ludd.luth.se
Mon Apr 14 00:05:24 PDT 1997

> Does anyone have any legal advice or experience of operating and 
> developing software in a clean-room?  I ask because there have been a 
> number of instances lately where people want to donate code to Kaffe 
> but they have already signed the Sun source license, usually for JDK 1.0.2
> though not for JDK 1.1.
You may want to look at the lawsuit AT&T/Berkeley a couple of years ago.
CSRG has always had the Unix source code available, but they did continously
rewrite parts of the unix kernel and made the code available for everyone.
AT&T (their lawyers anyway :-) said that because CSRG had the AT&T sources
available, the Berkeley code was based on AT&T sources. 
AT&T lost in court. Here are at least an american example of this.
The lawsuit was much more complicated than this, but the big 
point is the same.

-- Ragge

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