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Miguel de Icaza miguel at nuclecu.unam.mx
Mon Apr 14 09:39:21 PDT 1997

> You may want to look at the lawsuit AT&T/Berkeley a couple of years ago.
> CSRG has always had the Unix source code available, but they did continously
> rewrite parts of the unix kernel and made the code available for everyone.
> AT&T (their lawyers anyway :-) said that because CSRG had the AT&T sources
> available, the Berkeley code was based on AT&T sources. 
> AT&T lost in court. Here are at least an american example of this.

I had the impression that they came up with an settlement without the
court intervention at the end.

After ATT demaned UCB/BSDI for this; UCB demanded ATT for not
including the copyright messages as requested in the BSD license and
thus requested that all of the SystemV's that included any BSD code
had to be returned.

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