Merits of DOS

Joaquin jm041536 at
Wed Apr 16 09:58:36 PDT 1997

I have no doubt that Linux is a superior system, but there are many
schools that may not have the hardware to move to Linux with an emulated
DOS environment.  Linux is also a lot more complicated than DOS whereas
DOS has the simple config.sys and autexec.bat.  Some people may just want
the basics.

As for Java, the OS is unimportant.  When applications moves towards Java,
the application market will not determine which OS reigns supreme (or
terror).  For example, users could run DOS, Win '95, MacOS, Linux, AmigaOS
Solaris, etc. and still run Corel Office for Java or other applications.

Now it all depends on who runs Java and then who runs Java the best.  I do
not want Microsoft to dominate the world.  That is why it is so important
that Java is running fast on every possible OS ASAP.  Since DOS has DJGPP,
I hope guavac and kaffe as well as others can be ported to DOS.

Last note, Windows 3.1 and now Windows '95 are a natural migration path
for DOS users.  Sunsoft hopes now that Java will be the migration path
with their Java PC product (see press releases), but I'm not sure that
will happen since they want to charge $100 for DOS users.

- joaquin

PS - The Linux Berlin thing looks really cool.  Does anyone know how to
implement Peers?  How can I find this out.

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