Merits of DOS

Pohl Longsine pohl at
Wed Apr 16 14:19:18 PDT 1997

>I hope guavac and kaffe as well as others can be ported to DOS.

I'm sure the kaffe project would love for someone to join the
project and offer to handle the DOS port.  I think the position
is open if you want to be the hero. ;-)

>PS - The Linux Berlin thing looks really cool.  Does anyone know 
>how to implement Peers?  How can I find this out.

Berlin is being implemented on top of the Linux GGI (Generic
Graphics Interface) which is still a young project -- although
they to have working code (and a hacked copy of XFree86 that
runs on GGI).  Since GGI is in flux, Berlin probably is too.

Surf by their status page to see what's up...

Here's the GGI project's site.  This is a project that deserves
support, IMO.

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