0.8.1 doen't work on BSDI 2.1

Takuo Watanabe takuo at rascal.jaist.ac.jp
Mon Feb 17 23:01:50 PST 1997

Hello all,

I'm having a problem with Kaffe 0.8.1 under BSDI 2.1.  I had no
problem (seemingly) on installation.  But when I invoke kaffe, the
machine freezes and needs restart. The problem occures under the
following condition:

	Kaffe		0.8.1 with minimal package (javasoft)
	OS		BSDI 2.1 (pachlevel 24)
	machines	DEC HiNote Ultra (486DX),
			IBM ThinkPad 560 (Pentium 133),
			Gateway 200 (Pentium 100).

Kaffe 0.7.1 works fine under the above platforms.
Does anyone succeed to run 0.8.1 on BSDI?
Anyway, I continue try to find out what had happened. 

Takuo Watanabe <takuo at ldl.jaist.ac.jp>
Language Design Lab., School of Information Science, 
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

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