SV: Kaffe thread implementation

Pontus Rydin pontus at
Thu Feb 20 05:16:01 PST 1997

I've made a port of kaffe 0.5.5 that uses Windowns/NT native OS threads.
One of the major problems was the mutex/condvar code that needed a
complete redesign in order to work with native threads. Furthermore, the
GC (again, in 0.5.5) wasn't preemption safe at all. I solved this by
using PARC-GC instead (mainly because the rest of my project depends on

If you like to see the code, I would be happy to share it with you. Of
course, since it's a Win32 port of 0.5.5, most of the code is useless to
you, but you might find some of the basic design useful.

>Från: 	Frank Mehnert[SMTP:Frank.Mehnert at]
>Skickat: 	Thursday, February 20, 1997 12:12  
>Till: 	Kaffe Mailinglist
>Angående: 	Kaffe thread implementation
>what are the future plans for threads of kaffe? I'm porting kaffe
>to Chorus/ClassiX (Rel. 3.1b from Chorus), first for i386 but the
>integrated threads of kaffe won't work on Chorus, don't know why: Simple
>Programs run fine but if the java program creates it's own threads, the
>JVM crashes. Currently I'm using kaffe version 0.8.1 with static libraries
>and with the interpreter engine.
>I've seen some "#if defined(USE_INTERNAL_THREADS)" in the source code
>and plan to use Chorus' internal threads but I don't want to re-invent
>this task. Are there other projekts using "external" threads with
>Frank Mehnert
>email: Frank.Mehnert at

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