Some notes on kaffe 0.8.1

Geir Inge Jensen geiri at
Tue Feb 25 00:11:24 PST 1997


> When I tried to run the appletviewer, it crashed with illegal
> instruction.

I have seen this happen occasionally. I think it is the JIT that
causes this (I'm running NetBSD/i386).

> I then compiled the same configuration on RedHat 4.0, without any
> problems.  The problems arrived when I tried to run the appletviewer.
> The system is apparently unable to load the X11 library.  After
> loading some libraries, it gives me this message:
>      kaffe: can't resolve symbol 'XSetErrorHandler'
> I have no idea what is wrong, but I'll try a later version.  If
> anybody would like me to test some spesific things, send a mail.

I just relinked kaffe with -lX11, and all went well.

- Geir Inge

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