Kaffe on SCO

Danilov N.Y. god at unixbox.server.ru
Mon May 5 00:28:16 PDT 1997

>I with the help of a number of other people are trying to get kaffe to =
>compile on SCO OpenServer 5.0.2. So far with bad results. Has anyone got =
>kaffe to compile on OpenServer 5 ?? The docs reference that it is =
>supported but to no avail.

I have compiled kaffe-0.8.[34] under SCO OS 5.0.2 with cygnus gcc-2.7-95q4 
and other cygnus tools.
Everything was OK after some minor changes, what are your problems?

BTW, cygnus folks, your gcc crashes with `internal compiler error'
trying to cope with kaffe/kaffevm/soft.c's return(1e300*1e300)

>Any help anyone can provide , thanks
>brucep at datapac.com
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