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Wed Apr 1 13:55:49 PST 1998

You brainless fucking ass monkey. How dare, dare, dare you hold
someone in ill regard who gave you two years of sweat and toil for
no charge whatsoever just because they wanted to stop supporting
thankless greedy assholes such as yourself. No one is barring you
from picking up where they left off. No one says you can't continue
their free software work.

Callous, ungratious... idiot. idiot. idiot.

Fuck you,

ps. :-)

On Wed, Apr 01, 1998 at 04:55:48PM +0300, Bertrand Guiheneuf wrote:
> My point is the following:
> Including freeware as part of a business strategy is a good thing. Troll tech
> follows this idea with their Qt lib. All seems clean. Everybody knows that
> Qt is not free from the beginning. 
> The situation with kaffe is different.
> I felt like abused when Transvirtual
> announced, after 2 years of freeware developpement, that kaffe would stop
> to be a freeware. The problem would have been completely different if the
> situatiuon had be clear from the beginning. Remember, the www site was
>, not
> What if Linus Torvald decided to stop distribute Linux freely? 
> A lot of companies and public institutes decided to buy PC's because 
> Linux was freeware.
> Changing a license "on the fly" is the best way to
> make sure of a wide-spread diffusion of a software. But it's not fair.
> There is nothing more to argue.
> Enjoy,
> 	Bertrand.

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