Kaffe and JavaSoft Compatibility

Luke Simon lsimon at mylex.com
Mon Aug 10 10:25:11 PDT 1998

    I finally switched over to Linux from NT!  I downloaded the 1.0.1b version
of Kaffe, so that I could do a little Java coding.  I find Kaffe to be very
interesting to say the least!  With such a small programming team, so much was
accomplished?!?  Maybe there is something that I am missing.  It will be
interesting to see how the Java developers react to non SUN JDKs.  I realize
that Kaffe has been out for some time, and I am just a mere newbie to it, but
what is the stance on SUN compatibility?  As far as I can tell, Kaffe is fully
compatible with Javasoft JDK 1.1, but it seems far from a simple JDK clone.  My
question is, what about all of the new JDK 1.2 stuff that SUN has planned?
Swing, Java3D, 2D, and the likes.  What about those little rascals?  As far as
I am concerned, I think that the Kaffe team should be the heads of development
at Sun Java.  They have a JDK that runs on... 80 OSs?  I am all for Sun
Microsystems, but if they want platform independence, then they are going to
have to make VMs for every OS out there.  Well, keep kicking ass Kaffe Team!
    By the way, I read through some of the archived mails from this list before
I joined.  I saw a couple threads about a modified BISS-JDE.  Saw the pics on
the Kaffe page too.  Please feed my hunger for a REAL full featured JDE!
Release it on the Kaffe page!!!  Please...


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