Sound support?

Archie Cobbs archie at
Sat Jul 18 19:21:23 PDT 1998

Moshe Katz-Hyman writes:
> Hello, I have a question.  Does Kaffe have sound support?  I am trying
> to run ICQJava on my machine an I get this error:
> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: sun/audio/AudioPlayer
>         at Mirabilis/ICQ/NetAware/CNetAwareApp.main(line unknown, pc
> 0x847b3ef)

Kaffe doesn't come with any proprietary code from Sun. So if
you see ClassNotFoundException: sun/anything, you'll need to
get Sun's elsewhere and put it in your CLASSPATH.

> I saw someone with a question about supprt for .jar's
>  and the response said to include in your class path.  I did
> that, but it still returns the same error.

That *should* have worked.. ?


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