problems when running the test program on win95

Charlie McDowell charlie at
Fri Jun 26 09:37:21 PDT 1998

> > 
> > It's probably the SP_OFFSET macro (i386/win32/cygnus/md.h) with an
> > incorrect value - if should point at the stack pointer offset in the
> > setjmp buffer.
> > 
> Tim is right.
> You seem to be using 0.10.0.  I checked and this release does not redefine
> SP_OFFSET properly.  Please get 0.10.1 or the current snapshot (better) from
> The correct SP_OFFSET is 7 so that your md.h would look like what I appended.

I'm also trying to run on Windows (actually NT4.0). I'm using 0.10.1 and
have SP_OFFSET set to 7 but still can't run the hello test. It core dumps.
I've not had a chance to try and debug it yet. If anyone makes any
progress, please post. I will do likewise.

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