JavaOne Open Source Java BOF?

dog chris at
Wed Mar 25 14:57:42 PST 1998

tim wrt:
> All,
> So here we are at JavaOne again.  Ean Schuessler was talking to me about
> organising an imprompt "Open Source Java" BOF sometime this week and
> wondered if anyone would be interested?  Don't quite know how we'll
> announce the time and date (well Ean has a megaphone ....) but if
> there's enough interest (let me know) we might try to twist John Gauge's
> arm or something.

i think we should. after all, got to get a 1.2 vm for linux sorted out
asap with all these funkalicious new 2D features.

hopefully meet up with you this evening at 6:45 and we'll see what can be


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