JavaOne Open Source Java BOF?

Tony Juricic tonko at
Wed Mar 25 12:14:09 PST 1998

> So here we are at JavaOne again.  Ean Schuessler was talking to me about
> organising an imprompt "Open Source Java" BOF sometime this week and
> wondered if anyone would be interested?  Don't quite know how we'll
> announce the time and date (well Ean has a megaphone ....) but if
> there's enough interest (let me know) we might try to twist John Gauge's
> arm or something.

BOF would be great, if possible. Maybe somebody from Sun can come and
even clarify various openness/licensing/endorsement issues?
Like, let's say I got Kaffe to work just fine for me. What now? 
License core Java libraries from Sun? Hope that Glynn Clements
or somebody else will come with free Swing or something of the sort,
with APIs growing at exponential rate? And what did McNealy
really mean with that : we won't accept random subsetting?
That you must be IBM to suggest a reasonable subset?
OK, OK, better be quiet in lion's den:-)

But I suggest post to kaffe mailing list early in the morning as the
way to announce time and date.


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