static linking

Jeppe Sommer jso at
Fri Apr 9 06:03:36 PDT 1999

I am trying to get the QNX 4 port of kaffe back on track. I could use
a little guidance here w.r.t. the setup of libtool for static linking
(dynamic linking is not available on QNX 4). 

My first shot was the --disable-shared and --with-staticlib options to
configure. This gave linker errors, because three libraries were
missing in the Makefile for the Kaffe executable: libengine,
libkthread, and libltdl.

My next attempt was to define JAVA_LIBS to these three libraries
before running configure. This time linking succeeded, but when
running Kaffe on a simple hello-world class file, it prints the
message: 'Failed to locate native library "libnative" in path:'

Before digging into the inner workings of libtool, does anybody have
an idea what I am doing wrong and/or what must be fixed in the QNX


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