static linking

Kiyo Inaba inaba at
Fri Apr 9 17:58:46 PDT 1999

>My first shot was the --disable-shared and --with-staticlib options to
>configure. This gave linker errors, because three libraries were
>missing in the Makefile for the Kaffe executable: libengine,
>libkthread, and libltdl.

At least you have to specify --with-staticvm and --with-staticlib
first. The former makes libengine and libkthread to be static
library. It may also set --disable-shared automatically, but
if still Kaffe tries to find libltdl as shared library, you
also have to specify --disable-shared, and let this ML know
this. At least in m68k/netbsd, I have to do so, and I think this
is a bug in libtools.

Good luck.


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